Just announced – From the US – Sari Schorr April 8

Sat 8th April 2023 8pm Cranleigh Arts Centre

“One of the world’s best vocalists around at the moment.” – Great Music Stories
SARI SELLS TICKETS! Sari has just completed a European / UK tour Autumn tour, where despite the dire economic climate, Sari’s ticket sales were up on the previous year with several 
SOLD OUT shows across the tour!📣 “Wow, wow wow… what more can I say! I have just witnessed one of the greatest performances I have ever seen at The Greystones in Sheffield. I was completely blown away and I am still buzzing from it days later. I feel I have come away from my first Sari Schorr show a better person, almost like I had been with a faith healer. Her passion, enthusiasm and positivity are infectious. Sari’s vocals shines through, big and passionate, with oodles of soul. Blues Rock does not get any better than this.” – The Rockpit

SPELLBINDING” – National Rock Review
“GAME-CHANGING” – Classic Rock Magazine
“REMARKABLE TALENT” – Powerplay Magazine
“SHEER PERFECTION” – Fireworks Magazine
“DEPTH AND SINCERITY” – Metal Discovery
“PREMIER LEAGUE” – Rock Society
“A SCHORR-FIRE WINNER” – Music Republic Magazine
“SOUL STIRRING” – FabricationsHQ

Every year there is seemingly a constant parade of must-hear singers right? Not really. They come along rarely if they’re the real deal, as rarely as a seminal live album actually. Meet Sari Schorr. What makes her different is what makes all the others the same. She’s got talent, who hasn’t, but she has depth, life experience (like helping out in Haiti after the earthquake). She has real stories to tell. Sari is one of the few singers that can be, and is, mentioned in the same breath as Joplin. What you get is Blues with 3 Michelin Stars served in a New York diner. Don’t forget to leave a tip!

Sari’s brand-new, 12-track live album was recorded on the last tour and serves as a perfect illustration of why you’ll want to catch the next one. We are treated to the passion of original songs from her two studio albums and two reworked covers, Black Betty and I Just Want To Make Love To You, both hot favourites with audiences. These stunning live recordings from across Europe, along with two previously-unreleased acoustic tracks recorded for the BBC in the UK, truly make this album an object of desire. For Sari there is an honestly in a live performance that allows me to be vulnerable and uncensored.

We are in uncharted territory, and to use superlatives that have been wrongly applied to lesser performers in the past, mostly by ad agencies, would be to cheapen something exceptional. Perhaps the best words are actually the names of other exceptional artists Sari stands alongside, like Tina Turner, Elkie Brooks and the already mentioned Janice Joplin. 

Schorr can sing em.  the New Yorker makes you believe every stormy line ” Classic Rock Magazine

“…one of the best contemporary blues rock singers in the world Raw Ramp

Sari’s songwriting reflects human emotions and experience, adding to the feeling of intimacy with her audience. She speaks of her commitment to tackle difficult subjects in her songwriting often considered taboo, such as domestic abuse and heroin addiction, offering a different perspective on topics of which no one wants to talk”. – National Rock Review – Sonia Alani


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